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It shouldn't be hard to find a perfect dining experience. We've made it easy.

Curating positive vibes and outstanding experiences for restaurants and their customers.


Welcome to


An experience curator that will change your entire method of entertainment choices, opinions and recommendations. From quick meals to special occasions to catered events, it help you to better understand what pleases you most.

No reviews here. No arm-twisting advertising schemes. Just a powerful search engine and database matching users with businesses to create positive experiences.


Burnt out on questionable review sites?

Trusting reviews to make personal choices can be risky.

Review sites were not created by restaurant or other retail business owners, and that includes Yelp*. Most were developed as specialized search engines to generate advertising revenue from the businesses they list and rate.


These review sites don’t always benefit both the business and their customers. Research now indicates people are just looking at the number of stars/number of reviews for a business, and not what’s become a deluge of misleading reviews from unknown sources, or an applied rating by the review site. Everyone has their own individual desires and reviews can influence us in ways that diminish the creation of our own positive experiences.


Reviews can have a negative impact or pre-program people to be on the lookout and ready to be disappointed. Reviews can also be published without being vetted or fact-checked, so they are inherently unreliable and capable of manipulation and unscrupulous use.

Curated Experience

A Curated Experience

Users define what pleases them most.

Consider Disneyland for a moment. When you walk in the front gates everything seems to be perfect. Why? It is very deliberate –attaching you to the experience that more than satisfies all your senses. It’s very real and there are hundreds of restaurants that will do the same for you, and you may not have tried any of them because of someone else’s opinion.


Let users define what pleases them most and the results are more satisfied customers and growing businesses. And isn’t that what we all desire?

for business

For Businesses


Connect with More Customers

The Jolly App brings in more customers and helps to keep them coming back. Creating new and return customers becomes much easier when businesses are matched with users seeking everything the business offers.

  • It’s NOT a review site! No distracting or misleading reviews, just a powerful search tool creating connections with new customers. There are NO distracting competitor Ads either!

  • It feeds back information to restaurant management on what customers are searching for, providing detailed analytics and trends on user searches for food, atmosphere, vibe and much more. Businesses get a microscopic look into what brings in customers and what may be keeping them away.

  • It matches customers using their underlying habits and desires, food cravings, budget and much more to create the best experience possible, for both them AND the restaurant. 

  • It places more power for positive dining experiences in the hands of customers, not solely on the business or being pre-programmed based on someone else’s review. No preprogramming of new customers by past ones.

  • No arm-twisting marketing or filtering of information here!


Business Analytics and Tools

We present high quality real-time data for restaurant management. All the customer inquiries that other search engines won't show you.  Here's a small sampling of analytics that restaurants can utilize to grow business:

  • What category and how many times your restaurant appeared in (Good, Better, Best) and what lowered the rating.

  • What specific genres are being searched.

  • Specific menu items requested.

  • Most popular experiences and the attributes.

  • What features and/or amenities were being searched – details in order of importance.

  • Where are searches coming from geographically and price ranges.

  • How often did users select your restaurant(s).

  • How often did dietary restrictions show up in searches. Which ones and how many and the order of importance.

  • What proximities were included in searches and experiences.

  • How many searches were made for each mealtime: breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.

  • Number of searches of large party accommodations, catering and price ranges.

  • Service type breakdown: drive-thru, counter, sit-down, catering, food truck, etc.

  • Thinking about a new location? Look at detailed analytics on what people in other areas are searching for - features, atmosphere, genre, proximities, etc.

  • And much more…


Weekly Trends:

  • Valuable information based on price search fluctuations, geographic growth areas broken down by experiences, cuisines, menu items, amenities, sensory features and more. Can be used to determine new locations, targeted marketing and more.

  • Current trends in the business derived from all U.S. based restaurants.


The Mobile App

In good, as well as challenging times, people want the best experiences possible for their money. That includes great food, service, amenities, and a feeling of happiness associated with the time they spent at a restaurant. Every element makes a difference. With The Jolly App, the power to tailor positive experiences is now being put in your hands.



The Jolly App is a powerful search, match and results driven engine that was designed to be simple, fun, and interactive. You begin to see that it’s not just about one thing when creating a positive experience. It was designed to take the guess work out of finding the best choices for any meal and entertainment. It’s the answer to that age old question: Where do you want to go? The answer: The best experience possible!

Mobile App users create their own, or edit any of over 20 sample experiences, such as Romantic, Business, Family, Friends, etc. When users search for a desired experience name, The app lists restaurants in a Good, Better, and Best format based on our powerful matching algorithm. It may reinforce current choices, suggest similar or better matches, or open new doors entirely because of what pleases your underlying senses. Live a little and explore your desirable matches!





In the mobile app, everything is done through a single search bar for users. All search phases and experiences are stored to provide the best search results possible for users and detailed suggestions for businesses. And again, there are no ads or reviews to distract users on the detailed restaurant listings. Use it in your own geographic area, or to search for the best results when traveling anywhere in the U.S. It is both an experience curator and a simple yet powerful search engine.

Users can download The Jolly App from their mobile device App Store. Create a simple profile and start searching! We provide an extensive list of sample experiences to edit and search. Add whatever additional key words to your search and the app will find and list matches in a Good, Better, Best format.



our story

Who's Jolly

The Jolly App was created in Bend Oregon by restaurant people and software developers who understand the restaurant business. That it is more than just food that creates an outstanding experience. It’s total human sensory satisfaction. One of our founders is an experienced data and software engineer with a driving desire to build better, more useful user solutions. Alongside the other founder, a successful restaurant owner and author, they set out to develop a whole new way of connecting customers with restaurants in a mutually beneficial way, totally different from the current review-based search engines.

We know the restaurant business intimately, that the primary goals of a restaurant owner is to be profitable, put more guests in more seats, create positive memories for everyone and ensure more return customers. We also know restaurant seekers want a great experience, whether a quick lunch or special gathering, and without having to wade through mountains of questionable reviews to find a gem that meets all their needs and creates a more positive experience that resonates and lingers long after their visit.

Founded in early 2019, The Jolly App was developed over 3 years. We quietly gathered research data, talked with sociologists, trade organizations, restaurant owners, customers, analyzed review sites, user trends and much more. What many of us already know is that our human senses, even the simplest of things make up a resulting experience. It’s our perception of the things we experience and often at lightning speed. Give people the power to personalize a more positive experience and it’s like what Walt Disney called The Magic Kingdom.

The Jolly App is the result of thousands of hours of research and software engineering to create a powerful yet simple to use experience curator that matches what a business offers and the customer desires.

With the power given to you in The Jolly App, we hope you enjoy more of your restaurant experiences and the restaurant enjoys more of your positive vibes.


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